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Novice Home Workout Program Phase 2 - Day A

Welcome to phase 2 of your home workout routine. Having trained a few weeks on the phase one routine now you should be ready to transition to more demanding variations of the different full body exercises. Let's dive in how to do these new exercises straight away:

A Goblet Box Squat

  • Position yourself in front of a chair, couch or other solid furniture that provides approximately knee height. Your feet should be parallel and at least shoulder-width apart from each other. Make sure to distribute your weight evenly on both legs.

  • In order to add load, hold a kettlebell, dumbbell or a backpack filled with weighted objects (books, bottles or tin cans).

  • Standing up right start hinging at your hip and bending at your knees in order to lower your buttocks towards the box.

  • Try to tap the box with your buttocks without actually sitting down. It is crucial you maintain full body tension at bottom of this movement. Hold this lowered position shortly and then squat back up.

  • Make sure to keep your back straight and your core engaged.

B Elevated Push Up

  • Set yourself up in a push up stance on the edge of a bed or couch.

  • Your hands should be positioned slightly wider than shoulder-width and your arms are vertically extended under your chest.

  • Maintain tension throughout your whole body and keep it aligned in a way where you can draw an imaginary line straight from your heels through your hips to your shoulders.

  • In order to lower yourself bend your elbows till your chest is approximately a hand-width away from the bed/couch,

  • Press yourself back up into the starting position.

C Single Leg Glute Bridge

  • Lie down on the ground and bend one knee while positioning that legs foot flat onto the floor. Point your other leg upwards.

  • Press through your heel and extend your hip up fully by driving through your buttocks (contract your glute muscles).

  • Hold this position for around 2-3 seconds and then lower back down under control.

D Inverted Rows

  • You need a strong and stable dining table or an adjustable pull up bar for this exercise.

  • When using a pull up bar set the height around the middle height of a doorframe. If you opt for a strong dining table position yourself under on of the shorter sides and grab the edge with your hands.

  • Row yourself up from your shoulders till your breast bone is (nearly) touching the table or bar.

  • Hold this position shortly and then lower yourself back down under control.

E Side Plank with Leg Lifts

  • Lie down on one of your sides and position your forearm and elbow under the shoulder that is closest to the floor. Ensure your bodies fully straightened. Your hip is on the ground in this position and your feet are stacked on top of each other.

  • Lift your hip up in order to create one straight line from your head, through your hip to your lower foot. Abduct your upper leg up into the air.

  • Keep body tension and hold this position for the prescribed amount of time.

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