Personal Training (1on1)

Result-oriented and structured training with a professional 

Getting out of the comfort zone for an hour and training under my professional guidance will make the real magic happen. Comfort zones are comfortable - yes - but they will also not get you any closer to the physique and health you want to achieve.


My 1on1 coaching sessions are all about building up your strong sides and decreasing the weak ones. Our workouts will be hard and I will expect much from you because sooner or later you will find out there is so much more inside of you than you expected. Developing the feeling of competence and power over yourself is something I want all my clients to achieve. We will build strength in the gym but making you strong mentally as well is an equal accomplishment I always strive for. 

You want to be fitter, stronger and leaner? Want to be healthier and more productive? Loose those stubborn 10 kg you've been carrying and battling for years? Gain 5 kg of rock hard muscle or deadlift twice your bodyweight? Maybe you cannot even define your goal yet? It doesn't matter because I will pick you up where you are right now and together we will get you to the next level!

I am a certified strength, nutrition and mobility coach and I am dedicated to helping you improve your fitness, lifestyle and nutrition as the foundation of greater performance and life quality. I am using the most up to date and approved methods that already led to my own athletic success and brought existing and previous clients to levels, they haven't imagined before.

Let me provide you the best individual coaching experience you can find in the Taipei area!

You want to get serious about your body goals? Don't hesitate to meet me for a free consultation in Taipei.

Meet me for your free fitness consultation!


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