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Successful Bodytransformations

Personal Training Taipei Breitfit Client Results
Personal Training Taipei Breitfit Client Results


Bodyweight before: 85 kg

Bodyweight after: 73 kg

Bodyweight lost: 12 kg

Bodyfat before: 37 %

Bodyfat after: 26,4 %

Fat-mass before: 31 kg

Fat-mass after: 19,3 kg

Fat-mass lost: 11,7 kg

Waist + Hip size before: 90 cm + 105 cm

Waist + Hip size after: 76 cm + 95 cm

Duration: 25 weeks

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Interview with Yvonne

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your daily life.

Im an uni student and will graduate in two months. Right now, I work with a company for marketing + language translation and also teach swimming on weekends. I love to do yoga, riding bike and go hiking in my free time.

How did you find out about Coach Marcus and BreitFit?

One day I saw a cool guy with deadlift pictures on Instagram, thats how we met!

Before you entered the Coaching, what was your experience regarding physical activity?

Swimming, yoga and simple machine training in the gym.

Why did you seek out a Personal Trainer?

I have seen more and more people are enthusiastic about fitness. I think this is also necessary for me because health is really important. I need someone to teach me the right way and even break through myself.

After entering the Coaching, what was the biggest changeover for you?

Correctly found the right food direction, and at the same time saw my body changed!

Every training made me challenge myself more. I really love it!


How did your energy levels and sleep change since the Coaching?

As for sleep I never struggled, but since I changed my diet I feel so much more active

and less tired throughout the day.

What is your favorite breakfast now?

Tuna cheese egg roll with some boiled chicken and black soybean milk.

How often (per week) and how long (per workout) do you train?

I do three times per week (60-70 mins) by myself, and once per week with my trainer (75-80mins).

Did you train with your Coach exclusively or also alone? If both, what was the difference?

Both. Training with Coach Marcus is always much better than myself. He can clearly see my movements and correct them whenever necessary, The most important thing is that he constantly encourages me so I won't give up!

What is your favourite exercise?

The squat. But I enjoy all of them!

Did you do cardio for weight-loss?

Sometimes I do swimming or cycling.

A common concern of women is getting big and/or bulky by weightlifting. What is your experience?

Honestly, I also thought that before I started it. But its completely wrong! Since I started, I already lost more than 8cm of my waist size and 8kg of bodyweight. Quite the opposite of being big or bulky.

How did your social environment react to your changes in the recent weeks and months?

They got really surprised and are curious how I managed to achieve that. They always encourage and support me.

How about the future? Any new goals and/or plans?

I wont stop just keep going on more! And achieve my goal to lose 15-20 kg more! Be a super strong sexy girl!

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