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Successful Bodytransformations


Leanbodymass before: 73,1 kg

Leanbodymass after: 77,4 kg

Leanbodymass gained:  4,3 kg

Bodyfat before: 11,1 %

Bodyfat after: 9,4 %

Bench Press before: 40 kg x 5

Bench Press after: 70 kg x 5 

Bodyweight before: 82,1

Bodyweight after: 85,5

Duration:  17 weeks

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Interview with Eddie

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your daily life.

I run a business in the renewable sector in Taiwan and my time is split between working in Taipei and Taichung.

Before you entered the Coaching, what was your experience regarding physical activity?

I have always been active, played soccer for years and enjoyed running but had let things slide during covid.

Why did you seek out a Personal Trainer?

I am almost 40 and after research the positive effects of resistance training for retaining as much muscle as possible as we age and I wanted someone to help me learn to lift correctly and keep me accountable to my goals.

How did you find out about Coach Marcus and BreitFit?

I wasn’t in great shape when I moved to Taiwan and wanted to start going to a gym straight away. After a while away from incorporating fitness into my lifestyle I thought working with a personal trainer would keep me accountable and also ensure I was lifting safely with correct form. I did a google search and after looking at a few others, it was clear that Breitfit was for me.

After entering the Coaching, what was the biggest changeover for you?

The biggest change for me was sleep. I love training at 6am so in order to do that I got up at 5am. By the time 9pm came at night, I was ready for bed! I always get a good 7-8 hours sleep and being well rested made me more energised.

What is your favorite breakfast now?

I have an egg with a slice of sourdough for breakfast every day.

How often (per week) and how long (per workout) do you train?

Mon, Wed, Fri for 1 hour every week no excuses.

Did you train with your Coach exclusively or also alone? If both, what was the difference?

With my coach exclusively. I never felt the need to add more days into my routine and I always got the maximum workout possible with Marcus guidance.

What is your favourite exercise?

Military Press

Did you do cardio for weight-loss?

Not really, I play football or run because I enjoy that but I use nutrition for weight loss if needed.

How did your social environment react to your changes in the recent weeks and months?

Not sure, I guess peers saw a difference, but I was not too bothered about that. I wanted to be strong and healthy for myself.

How about the future? Any new goals and/or plans?

Gym, 3 days a week for an hour a session, football and running. Very boring but I find that committed discipline is my key to staying in shape and Marcus has played a huge role in my learning. He is an amazing coach and genuinely cares for his clients. We worked out at Core Space in Da’an and the gym and the people make it a great place to work out. I now live in Indonesia and I miss the guys very much!

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