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Successful Bodytransformations

Personal Training Taipei Breitfit Client Results
Personal Training Taipei Breitfit Client Results


Bodyweight before: 80,5 kg

Bodyweight after: 65,5 kg

Bodyweight lost: 15 kg

Bodyfat before: 38,6 %

Bodyfat after: 29,5 %

Fat-mass before: 32 kg

Fat-mass after: 19,3 kg

Fat-mass lost: 12,7 kg

Waist + Hip size before: 90 cm + 106 cm

Waist + Hip size after: 83,5 cm + 90,5 cm

Duration: 27 weeks (incl. ~ 8 weeks travel)

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Interview with Vanessa

Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your daily life.

I am English from the UK, 33 years old and work full time as a Science teacher in Taipei.

How did you find out about Coach Marcus and BreitFit?

I searched online for personal trainers who speak English in Taipei and Breitfit was one of the first credible trainers I discovered. After exploring the website and learning about Marcus’ experience and qualifications he seemed like the right fit.  

Before you entered the Coaching, what was your experience regarding physical activity?

I had not done any exercise for about 6 years before I started this coaching programme. Consequently I was overweight, unfit, unhealthy and lacked any motivation to make a lifestyle change. When I was younger I used to keep fit and run, play hockey and horse ride every week.

Why did you seek out a Personal Trainer in Taipei?

Because I needed someone to kick start me and force me to change my lifestyle, I needed to be accountable to someone else. I knew I needed to loose weight but I did not have the self discipline to do it myself. I was looking for a personal trainer to help me achieve my goal of becoming healthy and happy.

After entering the Coaching, what was the biggest changeover for you?

My self confidence and mental health has dramatically improved, I have self discipline and determination. I now enjoy and look forward to exercise, I consider the nutritional value and calorie content of all my food choices and eat sensibly.


How did your energy levels and sleep change since the Coaching?

My energy levels have drastically improved, I now have the energy to be productive all day at work and still have the energy to train and exercise in the evenings. My sleep cycle has also improved, I now have less interrupted sleep and most importantly find it easier to wake at 6am everyday ready for work.

What is your favorite breakfast now?

Cappuccino accompanied by Guava, berries and plain yogurt, sometimes I add chia seeds or nuts.

How often (per week) and how long (per workout) do you train?

I train with Marcus twice a week for 70 minutes each time.

Did you train with your Coach exclusively or also alone? If both, what was the difference?

I initially just trained with Marcus twice a week, but more recently as my weight has dropped I have also been swimming twice a week alone. The difference with training with Marcus is he gives me short term goals which I can achieve. He also ensures I am weightlifting and exercising with the correct technique so I can safely continue to participate without injuring my body or causing pain or joint stress.

What is your favourite exercise?

I enjoy the challenge of perfecting the squat and overhead press.

Did you do cardio for weight-loss?

Once I dropped 6kg then I started cardio workouts twice a week alone.

A common concern of women is getting big and/or bulky by weightlifting. What is your experience?

My figure is now much slimmer and toned, I have not gained bulk or big muscles through weightlifting. Instead my figure is slowly being sculpted and becoming more curvaceous.

How did your social environment react to your changes in the recent weeks and months?

I have been able to enjoy the outdoors more with my friends and can now join in cycle rides along the river and hiking through the hills. My friends are supportive of my new diet and encourage me on my weight loss healthy journey. They have also commented on how much happier and energised I have become.

How about the future? Any new goals and/or plans?

I am still working towards my target weight and my goal is to perform the squat with perfect form and technique.  I hope my attitude continues and becomes a holistic life style change and not a short term diet.

Personal Training Taipei Breitfit Client Results
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