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Novice Home Workout Program Phase 2 - Day B

Time for Day B of Phase 2 - so let's keep rocking your home workout with the following exercises:

A Reverse Lunges

  • Stand tall with weights (dumbbells, kettlebells or filled suitcases/bags) and take a step down backwards while keeping your body tense and your back straight.

  • Keep your body's mass balanced over your front foot during the whole range of motion.

  • Step back up from the reverse lunge position by using your front leg.

  • Depending on your stride length you can shift emphasis more towards the glutes (=long stride) or your quads (=short stride).

B Standing Dumbbell Shoulderpress

  • With a shoulder-width stance stand upright with a weight in each hand (e.g. dumbbell, kettlebell, bottle or filled bag). Your upper arms shoulder build a 90 degree angle to your upper body. Forearms are vertically oriented and your wrists should be stabilized under the weights and over the elbows.

  • Press the weights up over head and make sure to maintain a vertical line between your elbows, forearms, wrists and the weights at all times throughout the movement.

  • After having pressed the weights overhead lower them down again under control.

C Single Leg Hip Thrust

  • Place your shoulders on the edge of a comfort chair, couch or bed. Position one foot flat on the ground and have the knee of that leg bend while pointing out the other leg horizontally in the air.

  • Thrust your hips up by pressing through your heel and utilizing your glute muscles. Your hips should now be on a horizontal line with your knees and chest while your lower leg should be vertical (= 90 degrees behind your knees).

  • Make sure to drive your buttocks up by driving from your hip muscles and not your lower back. If you find your lower back arched at the top position try rounding your shoulders slightly.

  • Hold the top position for around 2-3 seconds and then lower yourself back down under control.

D Bent Over W-to-Y

  • Set yourself up in a bent over position (maintain a straight back and push your hips back).

  • Hold your elbows and hands at the height of your upper body effectively building a "W" shape with your arms.

  • Lead your hands forward while keeping your arms at upper body height. Extend them till you achieve a "Y" shape and hold this position for a second.

  • Pull your arms back into the initial "W" shape.

  • You can hold small bottle in your arms for more load.

E Long Lever Posterior Tilt Plank (LLPTP)

  • This is a special plank with a similar setup to what you practiced in phase 1 of this program. In order to account for a more challenging plank we want to increase the length of your body lever. Therefore your elbows are not positioned under the shoulders (as in the normal plank) but under your forehead.

  • In order to maintain full body tension and hitting your core effectively in this challenging plank variation it is crucial that your tilt your pelvis (= the opposite of arching your lower back!) and keep your glutes engaged and squeezed at all times.

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